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Date : 12/12/2566

اԴ SmartThings Flagship Store áҤ ʻʺóҹѨ


اԴ SmartThings Flagship Store ẺúǧäáҤ ʻʺóشӡѺ SmartThings Solutions ش෤ Ң ҿ

§ҡ仢: ԧح ͧӹdz ӹ¡øáԨ ͧ俿㹺ҹ ا, þ ¡üѴ ѴԹ Home Electric , ô Ǫ ˹ҡáԨͧѺҡ ا


ا෾, (12 ѹҤ 2566) – اԹ˹Ң¾鹷 SmartThings ǻ شѺԴ SmartThings Flagship Store áҤ ෤ҹŵ SmartThings Դ͡ҢͧѵشкҹѨдǡʺ觢 Դѹ Ң ҿ


ԧح ͧӹdz ӹ¡øáԨ ͧ俿㹺ҹ ا

ԧح ͧӹdz ӹ¡øáԨͧ俿㹺ҹ ѷ «ا ŤùԤ ӡѴ “اҹͤ㹡¡дѺسҾԵͧբ ֧ѾԵѳ෤աͼҹŵ SmartThings ʾԴ硪ԻáҤ Ҥ鷴ͧʺó SmartThings ͧԹҧ ѧöҫͧ俿شӷ¹ҹ繺ҹѨдǡʺ¢ ا Ң ҿ SmartThings Special Store áҤ ѺͧԵѳاö§ҹ SmartThings Ẻúǧ÷ 餹ſԵдǡʺ觢 ö繾ѹԵ÷ҧáԨاҧѡҾ㹡Ҷ֧ͧʹ SmartThings”




SmartThings Flagship Store ͺ鹷 29 ҧ 觶˭شͧ ⫹ͧ 駤Ҵк Smart home ö觡 SmartThings 鹵͹ѵشԺ㹡÷仨֧觡ͧѡ§¹ʺͻपѹ ֧ SmartThings ҧ ͧ ͹ش仡Ѻا


ا Ң ҿ Դԡѹ

ѹ : 12/12/2566

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