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Date : 18/9/2566

Samsung Galaxy S23 FE 䫹çǡѺ A54 Դǻ»չ


͡ѹҧͧѺ͸蹻Ѵ Samsung Galaxy S23 FE зشҾͧ⿹蹹ش 繴䫹ͧѹẺѴ ѡդѺ

ҾѧǶ١Դ䫵 MSPowerUser ʴ Galaxy S23 FE մ䫹͹Ѻ Galaxy A54 ҧҡ Ҵ¡ѹ 4 ǧ, , ͹ ͡ҡ ͹Ҩеͧա ѧࡵҡҡȴҹҧ

ҡش Galaxy S23 FE ҨԻ Exynos 2200 Ҩ Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 ¨˹ҨẺ Dynamic AMOLED Ҵ 6.4 ´дѺ FHD+ ѵê 120Hz, RAM 6GB/8GB, ROM 128GB/256GB ẵ 4,500 mAh ͧѺ 25W Ѻشͧѧ 3 Сͺ¡ͧѡ 50MP кѹ OIS, ͧ Ultrawide 8MP Сͧ Telephoto 12MP ǹͧ˹դ´ 8MP

٨ҡҾѧ դ٧ Samsung Galaxy S23 FE Դ㹻չ 觡ͧʹٷҷբͧ Samsung ѹ令Ѻ


: MSPowerUser

ѹ : 18/9/2566

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