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Date : 29/5/2566

ͶͫاȹҡѺԻ CPU 9 ͹ Galaxy S23 FE Ի Exynos 2300?


ǧ Samsung ѧ鹴ѲҪԻ Exynos 2400 ѺͶ͸˹ҡѹ ͹ҨաëѲ Exynos 2300 仾ѹ ͨ ͶͻȹҷԻ 9 core Һ Geekbench Ѻ

⿹ Samsung SM-S919O ҹ÷ͺ benchmark ҹ machine learning Geekbench ML ͧӧҹкԺѵԡ Android 13 ժԻ絻żẺ 9 core (1+4+4) ᵡҧҡԻ絷价ѡ 8 core ҪԻ蹹 Exynos 2300 觡͹˹ҹ͡ѹҵǪԻçҧẺ 9 core Сͺ 1x Cortex-X3 3.09GHz, 4x Cortex-A715 2.65GHz 4x Cortex-A510 2.1GHz 

駹 Ţ clock speed ͧԻ絷ҡ Geekbench çѺŢͧ Exynos 2300 ͶʹѧҨͧѺͺ ѡ clock speed çѺŷԵԧ

Ѻ ͧ Exynos 2300 ѧչҡ Һ§ҵǪԻ GPU ͡Ẻ鹰ҹʶһѵ¡ RDNA2 ͧ AMD Ҩҹ෤պҧҧͧ촨дѺ PC

ǹͶͷҷͺ ҴҨ Samsung Galaxy S23 FE ҴҨԴǪǧ»չ 觡ͧʹ١ѹҨ仵ҴѹѺ


: Geekbench ML


ѹ : 29/5/2566

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