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Date : 24/11/2565

ǧ㹺͡ iPhone 15 Pro / iPhone 15 Ultra պʹ ᷹


բ iPhone 15 Pro iPhone 15 Ultra աûѺ䫹Ẻ ¨᷹ ش͹դҡ աúͧ͡ǴǧͧѾѺ

Cirrus Logic ˹㹫Ѿͧ Apple 觨¶֧¡ кҷҧѷ “ѡѹǹ HPMS Ҵ⿹㹻˹” HPMS ҹͪԻ haptic driver ͧк Taptic Engine iPhone ͧ

ǡѹ John Forsyth CEO ͧ Cirrus Logic ٴ㹧ҹЪ earnings call ͹ҨйӪǹҴ㹪ǧѧͧ 2023 ʹͧѺ iPhone 15 Դ͹ѹ¹ʹ

ҹѧ Blayne Curtis Tom O'Malley ͧѡҡ Barclays Դö֧ѡŧعѻ͹ Cirrus Logic Ҩǹк Taptic Engine Ѻʺ iPhone 15 Pro Ultra ա

͹Ҥ Ming-Chi Kuo iPhone 15 Pro iPhone 15 Ultra Ẻ solid-state ᷹͡˹ҨлѺдѺ§ ¨еԴ Taptic Engine ա 2 ա蹵ͺҡ ѡɳǡѺͧ iPhone SE 

䫹з iPhone ѹբ 繡Ŵǹ͹Ҿ仵 ҧá iPhone 15 iPhone 15 Plus ѧẺ


: appleinsider


ѹ : 24/11/2565

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