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Date : 7/2/2567

Infinix Ѿ⿹ Thailand Mobile Expo 2024 ͹ç ش


Infinix ô⿹Ե 觴 HOT شѧ Thailand Mobile Expo 2024


ԹԹԡ (Infinix) ù⿹дѺšͺ⨷ úѹءҹ еͺ⨷ſ줹 ôԹҺءҹˡѾͶ ⿹ ˭ش¤áͧ Ѻҹ Thailand Mobile Expo 2024 蹡˹Ѻѧ ԷԻªҡ١ ҹӷѾ͵شҧ HOT 40Pro ⿹Ҥ 5,799 ҷѺԻشç Helio G99 żŤ٧ xboost  ໡Ѵ ǧҡѺ蹹ͧҧ HOT40i Ҥ 4,499 ҷ  ͡ҡѧ⿹䫹 ໡ç ͸ʹҧ ZERO 30 Ҥ 11,999 ҷ ʹҧ Smart 8 ⿹شѺͧ͡Ҥ 2,999 ҷ(128+8GB) Ҥ 2,499 (64+6GB) ҤҾ੾㹧ҹҹ鹡Ѻ NOTE 30 5G Ҥ 6,999 ҷ NOTE 30 Ҥ 5,999 ҷ

شͫ⿹ԹԹԡ蹷¡㹧ҹ Ѻͧҡù ҷ Infinix Air 1 Pro ٿѧ¤سҾ Wireless Lavalier Ẻ ֧ Happy Cool Dragon Set  ͧѭѧشǷ 繵 ѹҹ Thailand Mobile Expo 2024 ٸ BaNANA TG Fone Jaymart ҧѹ 8 - 11 Ҿѹ 2567 ٹЪ觪ҵԡԵ 駹öԴ´ https://www.facebook.com/InfinixMobileThailand/  


ѹ : 7/2/2567

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