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Date : 9/1/2567

AIS Ѵ⿹ 5G ش Ŵ٧ش 43,290 ҷ Ŵ͹ 50,000 ҷ


AIS ¡Ѿ⿹ 5G Ѵش٧ش 43,290 ҷ ͧ Ŵ͹蹺ҷ Ẻ One Stop ͧͻ


AIS ͺѺºҤѰ ǹͻеɰԨѺѡҪ 2567 ç “Easy E-Receipt”Ẻ One Stop ͻѺ AIS ǹŴ ࡳŴ͹ ẺͧҪͻ ١öԹҷ⿹ 5G ਵǫ ࡨǹŴش Ѻ AIS ТѺ e-Tax Invoice e-Receipt ͹ԷŴ͹ԹؤŸ ٧ش֧ 50,000 ҷ ѹ ֧ 15 Ҿѹ 2567 AIS Shop ءҢ Telewiz (੾Ңҷ¡) AIS Online Store



»Ѹ žѧ ˹Ҥмá١ҷ AIS “AIS ǹ˹㹡ӹ¤дǡѺ١ çŴ͹ “Easy E-Receipt” 㹡ԡ١ͺ e-Tax Invoice e-Receipt ҧջԷҾ 駷 AIS Shop, Telewiz AIS Online Store ҡ仡ҹѧѴԹкԡ ⿹ 5G ʹͷշش ֧ѧ Թ㹡 Gadget, Accessory, IoT աҡ ẺҪͻҨش 駤 дǡ Ŵ͹Ẻ MAX”



¨Ѵѹⴹ㨡Ѻ໭ AIS Combo Set Ŵ͹ Max ١ҨѺਵ ǫ ԹҤش! ͫԹ iPhone 15 Pro Max Ѻ AirPods Pro Gen 2 iPad Air 5 cellular Ѻ Apple Pencil 2 Ѵ٧ش֧ 24,990 ҷ ѧҹѧöѺԹҢͧҧ Samsung ҧ Galaxy Z Flip5 Ѻ Galaxy Watch 6 Galaxy Buds2 Pro Galaxy S23 FE Ѻ Galaxy Watch 6 Classic Adapter 45W Ѵ٧ش֧ 43,290 ҷ öԴ´ https://www.ais.th/consumers/promotions/easy-e-receipt

ѹ : 9/1/2567

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