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Date : 14/3/2567

Advice IT Expo 2 Ѻش ԹͷҤҾ


ʹǫ ç “Advice IT Expo” شѧ СԹ˹µ Phase#2  Ѵ໭ʹ


ʺ稷 Ѻҹˡ໭ “Advice IT Expo” á觼ҹҴ  ҹ “ѯ ѰԸԡѪ” иҹ˹ҷ ѷ ʹǫ ͷ ԹԹԷ ӡѴ (Ҫ) Ѻ§ͺѺҡѧʹǫ ͺѺ СԹ˹ Advice IT Expo Phase#2  ͷѹ ¡ѾԹͷͶ Ŵ˹ѡѴҹ ѡش  ɴ蹴ش硫٫տ觡 ¤ҹԹͷҤҾ Ŵҹӡҷع, ͹ 0% ҹ٧ش 48 ͹ ѺԹ׹٧ش 25,000 ҷ, ѺǹŴͪͻҹ Shopee Ŵ٧ش 5,000 ҷ, ԡëդç ѺǹŴ Advice Care 50% ѺٻͧǹŴҺԡõʹ駧ҹ

ࡨ㨤ͺ DIY ¤Сͺ Ѵ໤¡ͷ Extreme IT Ҥ§ 9,900 ҷ ҹ ԴԹѺԹҹҷշͧ Ŵ٧ش 99% Դ´ https://www.facebook.com/AdviceClub  ʹ͹չҤ

ѹ : 14/3/2567

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